Affiliate marketing is one of the most preferred ways to make money online. And Amazon Associates is among the best affiliate networks for beginners. This article will teach you how to build a successful Amazon affiliate site.

Many affiliate marketers abandon the project after a few weeks or months of trying the Amazon affiliate programs. If you are looking to make some quick money, maybe you should explore other ventures. Affiliate marketing requires hard work, consistency, and persistency. 

Before we can get to the step-by-step guide to build an amazon affiliate site, let’s first examine the program.

What is Amazon Associates Program, and how does it work?

The Amazon Associates program provides an opportunity for bloggers, influencers, and YouTubers to monetize their audience. Amazon is the leading online retailer across the globe. The giant retailer hosts over 12 million products sold by millions of merchants. Affiliates can earn a commission from promoting and selling these products. 

For instance, an Amazon affiliate marketer on Reddit claims to have made over $7,000 in 11 months! 


The percentage of the commission you get depends on various factors such as the price and product category. 

As an Amazon affiliate, your task is to convert your readers or followers into customers. Amazon Associates Program allows you to create affiliate links that will enable Amazon to track the sale back to you.

An affiliate link is a unique URL that contains the affiliate ID and username. You only get paid after a customer buys a product from your affiliate links within 24 hours.


Normal Link:

Affiliate Link:

If a customer clicks on one of your affiliate sites, they land on the product page on Amazon. When they put the item in their shopping cart, Amazon will still pay you if they buy the product within 90 days.

While this is an excellent opportunity to make some extra money, be careful with the products you choose to promote. Amazon pays different commission rates for different product categories. 

Later in this article, I will show you how to choose the products to promote on Amazon.

What do I need to build a successful Amazon Affiliate site?

You can build a successful Amazon affiliate site from the comfort of your home. However, do not mistake this as an easy way to make money. You must develop a business plan and learn the best strategies to help you generate sales. 

Are you wondering if you have what it takes to join the Amazon Associates program? You will need an affiliate marketing channel to start an Amazon affiliate site. It can be a website, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube platforms. These allow you to share and promote your affiliate links to promote affiliate products.

Unless you plan to outsource, you need some content marketing skills. Luckily, these are skills that you can quickly learn on the internet.

SEO and link-building skills will also make a significant impact when creating your affiliate sites.

You will also need to sign up for the Amazon Associates Program. It is relatively easy to join and start monetizing your blog or social media audience. 

Step by Step Guide to Building an Amazon Affiliate Site

Well, now you understand the basics of Amazon affiliate marketing. If you are already here, you are ready to get started on this journey. This article will focus on creating a successful affiliate marketing website.

Below are the 8 crucial steps to help you build a successful Amazon affiliate site.

Step 1: Choose a Low Competing Niche

Identifying and validating a niche is an essential step before you can set up a website. Beginner affiliate marketers are often tempted to go for broad niches. However, this is a grieve mistake that sets you up to fail.

For instance, it is tempting to want to imitate the top ranking websites in a niche.

For instance, the Dog Food Advisor is one of the top ranking affiliate sites in the dog food niche. But trying to compete with such as site can be challenge. 


First, these sites have funding for marketing and workforce. This is something you might not have when starting your affiliate site. 

Choosing a niche for your Amazon affiliate site is easy. It must be profitable since you are looking to make some money. 

So what are some of the profitable niches for the Amazon Associates program?

Amazon has over 12 million products, grouped into 36 product categories. Each category offers a dedicated commission percentage for affiliate sales. It is up to you to choose the product categories you are interested in.

#1. Choose a niche that aligns with your hobbies and passion

When selecting an Amazon affiliate niche, focus on your passions and hobbies. Now, I emphasize this because most affiliate marketers give up when they lose interest in the subject. 

For example, writing about the dog food niche can be difficult if you do not like dogs. 

#2. Check the product prices 

Do not forget to look at the product prices in your niche. Low product prices mean that the pay is also on the more downside. However, expensive products can pay you well but have a lower conversion rate. 

#3. Use keyword research tools to estimate monthly traffic

It would also help to research the amount of traffic to expect from your chosen niche. Use keyword research tools such as the KWFinder or Ahrefs to check the keyword volume and competitor analysis. 

For example, if you plan to write about German Shepherd Dog care, simply type in your keywords on your preferred tool. In this case, we will use the KWFinder tool to validate your niche. 

Check the KD (Keyword Difficulty) on keywords you think would be ideal for your niche. High KD means it would be difficult to rank this keyword.

Keyword Difficulty

Keeping a list of your competitors will give you an insight into your target audience. It helps to understand what your audience is searching for on the internet. 

For instance, in the screenshot below, you can see a list of competitors for the ‘dog food for German Shepherd Dogs’ keyword.  


As you can see, this keyword has a bit of competition. The dog food niche seems too competitive, even though you can still find smaller blogs ranking for the same keyword.

Simultaneously, you can tell that the dog food niche is a lucrative niche. Pet care is one of the most profitable niches for an Amazon affiliate sites.

Once you establish your niche, you can narrow it down to target a specific audience. In this example, you can explore the dog food niche, which is broad. However, talking about ‘dog food for the German Shepherd dogs‘ is more specific, with low competition.

Step 2: Setting up your Website using WordPress 

Once you decide on the niche to focus on, it is time to set up your website. You will need to select a web hosting service to get started. Namecheap has incredible web hosting plans for beginners affiliate marketers. You do not need tech skills to host a website when using Namecheap.

When buying your hosting web service, you will need a domain name. Ensure that the domain name is easy to remember and one that closely relates to your niche. 

For example, if you are promoting dog food on Amazon, you can choose a domain name such as Your readers already know what your blog is about from the domain name. 

When setting up your website, ensure to include an SSL certificate. It will help you secure your customer data, especially if you intend to create an email list. Do not shy away from shopping around to find the web host company that suits your budget. 

After signing up for web hosting, you can install WordPress from the cPanel. WordPress offers several free theme templates. But, my suggestion would be to go with – Kadence Theme. Kadence theme is fast and mobile-friendly.

I emphasize using WordPress to build your site because it is easy to use and has a high uptime. Besides, it offers several tools to help you with content creation and marketing.

Step 3: Do a thorough Keyword Research

You have a responsive website now. The next thing on your list should be creating a content strategy. What are the topics that you intend to cover? Earlier in this article, I explained the role of keyword research when building an amazon affiliate site. 

Several online tools can help you identify the popular topics in your niche. If you are not familiar with the keyword research process, you can always outsource. 

Kwfinder and Google Keyword Planner Tool are some of the most effective keyword research tools. 

How do you choose keywords for your affiliate site? To build a successful Amazon affiliate site, you need three types of keywords:

  • Product roundup keywords
  • Product review keywords
  • Blog keywords

#1. Identifying Product Roundup Keywords

The product roundup keywords usually feature ‘best products…’ listicles. If you are starting a cat food Amazon affiliate blog, some of your article headlines could be:

Top 10 GSD dog food brands in 2021’ or ‘Best treats for GSD puppies

Type your thought-out keyword on KWFinder or the keyword research tool of your choice. You will find plenty of related keywords, but the analytics are essential.

Check the keyword volume column and select the ones with over 500 keyword volume. The keyword difficulty is best left at less than 30. 

The keyword difficulty is essential when choosing the right product round up keywords. It indicates how difficult it will be to rank for that particular keyword.

Choose several keywords of your choice to get you started. The keywords should help you create catchy and meaningful headlines. 

Ensure that your keyword are related to the product you want to promote. In our example, ‘best dog food for GSD’ is appropriate, since Amazon sells dog foods and treats. Once again, use your keyword research tools to review the SERP. The goal is to identify the top ranking domains for your keyword, including their monthly traffic results.

When choosing your product keywords, it would help to check the domain authority of your competitors. A new Amazon affiliate site will have low domain authority, which makes it difficult to compete with larger sites. 

However, if low traffic sites are ranking for your keywords, it means that you also can, with the proper strategies. 


#2. Identifying the Product Review Keywords

Product review keywords are also essential, especially for SEO purposes. However, product review articles are not essentially great for driving traffic to your site. 

These keywords are easy to find, even though the competition is high. Go for product review keywords with a search volume of higher than 200. Use the same method as described above to find winning keywords for product reviews.

#3. Finding Blog Keywords

On the other hand, articles based on blog keywords are great for both affiliate links and internal links. Invest in particular keywords to generate informational content that helps readers to solve their problems.

All your keywords should be related to the products you intend to promote. If you are promoting dog food on your Amazon affiliate site, write about the canine diet.

Create a list of your selected keywords and prepare to create high-quality content for your website.

Step 4: Create Quality Content for your Website

With the help of your selected keywords, you will need to create high-quality content to promote products. Now, high-quality content will drive organic traffic to your site. And this will only increase your conversion rate.

When creating content for product review articles, look the products up on Amazon. Pay attention to buyer reviews to understand the pain points that your customers face. 

Amazon Dog Food

Also, check the buyer reviews on the products you choose to promote. It will help you to understand the common customer problems, and how a product solves them.


It would also help to look at other ranking pages based on the exact keywords. This will help you understand what your audience is searching for online. Experienced affiliate marketers often purchase these products to write authentic content.

However, beginner affiliate marketers may not afford to purchase these items. If you want to write product reviews from a user’s perspective, go for cheaper items. You can also ask the merchants for model products for review, especially if you have a good number of monthly visitors.

In most cases, you should avoid mentioning product prices as they are constantly changing.

Adhere to Google’s ranking algorithm when creating your blog content. Google will rank your content higher for as long as it meets the users’ intentions. Focus on answering the keyword question in as many details as possible. 

When creating blog content, you can select a keyword and explore the top-ranking related keywords as well. The goal is to build your domain authority in your niche. 

You will never regret creating high-quality content for your Amazon affiliate site. Ensure that your content stays up to date by reviewing it regularly. 

Product roundup articles get the most clicks and purchases. It would help to create more of these articles as you build your Amazon affiliate site. You can also review individual products from your roundup articles. It helps to build your domain authority.

When creating your content, it helps to keep a consistent format, especially for the product reviews. Take some time to draft a product review outline you can always follow.

Step 5: Drive Traffic to your Site via SEO

Creating high-quality content is one of the most effective SEO strategies. Product reviews and roundup content is excellent for affiliate links and internal linking. At the same time, you can also prepare comprehensive articles focusing on particular subjects. It will help with internal linking, a technique that enhances SEO. 

You can also run paid campaigns to drive traffic to your site. However, this can only work for affiliate marketers with a steady budget. Remember that PPC ads only bring traffic to your site for as long as you keep paying. Simultaneously, your monthly traffic drops as soon as you run out of marketing budget.

You can also join a forum in your niche where you can share your insights and expertise.

Use opt-in buttons to encourage your audience to sign up for your email list. Email marketing will increase your engagement and conversion rate. 

You can also drive traffic to your Amazon affiliate site through guest blogging. Talk to other affiliate marketers in your niche for guest blogging space. You can also grow authority by inviting other bloggers to guest post on your site.

Consistency is the key to build a successful Amazon affiliate site.

Ensure that you use the correct keyword density. It is preferable to use keywords in the first and last paragraphs of your content.

Step 6: Sign up for the Amazon Associates program

Now that you have your affiliate site up and running, you need to join the Amazon Associates program. Ensure you adhere to the Amazon affiliate program rules and requirements. 


For instance, you need to write a disclaimer to notify your audience that you receive a commission when they buy from your affiliate links. 

Amazon prohibits marketers from lying about recommendations in their content. Please do read the Amazon Associates Policy when signing up. 

You will need to register your details and submit your website address and ID. Amazon also asks associates to explain the technique they use to drive traffic to your site. 

Select your payment method and create your affiliate links and start selling. Make sure you place your links strategically to increase your click-through rate.

Step 7: Get Clicks on your affiliate Links

 Link placement is key to getting clicks on your Amazon affiliate site. When you place your affiliate links in the first line, it will appear spammy. However, placing it in the middle may not be noticeable. 

Many of your readers will skim your content, and most do not read up to the end. Therefore, it would make sense to place your links in the second or third paragraphs, just as you introduce your topic.

Ensure that your anchor text is contextual to the affiliate link. The anchor text should give your audience an idea of the link destination. Of course, an affiliate link will take them to the Amazon product page.

It would be best if you also used buttons and tables to insert the affiliate links. This makes the links more recognizable.

Step 8: Grow your Amazon affiliate site

If you are looking to grow your Amazon affiliate site, you need to be consistent with your content creation. Apply different SEO and marketing techniques to increase your monthly traffic. 

Instead of paying for visitors, invest in high-quality content. You can also share your content on social media to get more clicks.

If you have a significant following on social media, you can also generate an income by sharing your affiliate links. 

It would also help to update all your articles after some time. This allows you to repurpose content and keep it relevant. 

Your Turn – Build a successful Amazon Affiliate Site

It takes some time, weeks, or months to generate your first sale through your Amazon affiliate website. Please do not quit, even when it seems impossible. You can constantly adjust your marketing efforts to drive traffic to your Amazon affiliate site.

This guide will help you to build a successful Amazon affiliate site. As indicated, content creation is essential to make your online audience. Focus on helping your readers to understand the products that will solve their problems. 

Affiliate marketing is an evolving industry. Thus, I always urge beginner affiliate marketers to keep learning and adopt new trends as they arise. 

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