Challenge/ Problem

Increasing brand value by generating worthy mentions from big news outlets or websites, and increasing traffic using Haro Backlinks.

Why Press/ News Mentions are Important for Business?

Getting featured on top news outlets or high authority niche website works like a trophy. It increases your company’s reputation and makes your website trustworthy.

Since Google too loves news and authority sites, a brand mention from such outlets also helps attract more Google love, thus enhancing your search traffic.

You can even brag about those mentions on your homepage under “Press Mentions“.

But why would any editor or news reporter include you or your company in his article? He doesn’t know you, nor is he your cousin to give you a sweet favor.

The only way to reach out to those new editors is by manual. But, it will be time-consuming, and most importantly, you could do it only if you know their email.

This is where HARO comes in.

What is Haro?

Haro is an online service that links aspiring journalists with people who can provide credible sources, give feedback, and any other information. It stands for Help A Reporter Out.

Case Study Haro BacklinksHaro eliminates the need for journalists to hire a PR agent to collect the said information. HARO provides its service for free and makes the journalists come to you. HARO is different from most link-building tactics, such as content-based link building or guest blogging.

And the fact that big media and news outlets such as Wall Street Journal, Time, and New York Times use the service, you get an excellent opportunity to obtain high-quality backlinks without much effort.

HARO was created back in 2008 when Peter Shankman found out that he would constantly get a steady stream of inquires from reporters, publications, etc., to get credible sources and stories for numerous kinds of topics.

Getting Started with Haro

Working with Haro is easy. All you need is:-

  1. Sign up for your free account
  2. Choose relevant industry 
  3. Create a good pitch
  4. Send to editors.

First and foremost, you will need to sign up for the free account. All you need to do is head over to the HARO’s website and create a free account (There’s a Pro account too). But to get started, a free account is enough.

Choose account type as “Source“. And finally, select the preferences. Only choose those topics as preferences about which you hold some knowledge about the topic and share your expertise with reporters. There are a total of 14 different topics to choose from.

Once this is done, You will then start receiving email updates three times a day (from Monday to Friday) in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

The email contains links with inquires on the topics requested by reporters. Each of the links will include a query, requirements that need to be considered, a deadline for submission, and an anonymous email address to submit your pitch.

After finding a good pitch opportunity, the first thing you do is read the reporter’s request very carefully and understand what they are requesting. This will stop you from going off-topics, which is extremely important. If the request doesn’t have a specific query and requirements, it is best to discard it and find another pitch opportunity.

Remember, journalists or editors would receive thousands of pitches on the same query. Therefore, create a pitch that can stand out from the rest.

After writing your response, you can head to the HARO dashboard and then submit your pitch. Alternatively, you could email directly to the reporter’s virtual email received inside the query email.

But you could avoid all these lengthy steps of finding topics and pitching yourself. Instead you could do do it in an easy way just like we did it.

How we Generated Haro Backlinks?

Step1: Post a Job on Upwork

Just like I mention every time to my readers:- if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, leverage your time and let other people do your work.


Since I am a big fan of Rockerfeller, I took the shortcut.

Instead of going through each and every opportunity and pitching myself to generate Haro backlinks, I posted the HARO query reply job on Upwork. Here is the exact screenshot of my Upwork Job post:

Haro backlinks Upwork Job Post

I received two proposals, and ended up hiring one of them. I hired my freelancer on an hourly basis to reply to queries one hour every day. You also need to provide your freelancer with relevant information, site details, headshot (required by big news brands just in case).

Step2: Waiting for Pitches to Get Approved

After hiring my freelancer, it was time to wait. I posted my Haro job post on 5th February and it usually takes around 2-3 weeks to get your first link live.

Time started to pass by, and even I began to get a little impatient. But finally, after 4 weeks, we received our first live link. The first pitch got approved and went live on 5th March, and subsequently, other links started to come by after each passing week.

Result – Haro Backinks

At the time of writing this case study, here are few of my Haro links that I received:


And here is the screenshot of impact on our search results. You could see a jump from 5th March, exactly the same date I received my first live link.

Search Performance Haro Backlinks

What about the cost?

When I do the math, each link costed me around $180 each. Not bad considering the quality of Domain authority and domain ranking of these sites. Right?

I am also happy that I was able to automate the entire process of receiving links. Now whenever any new link received through Haro goes live, my freelancer sends a quick update to notify me. And all I have to do is watch the live link and release the payments. Literally, that’s it.

Haro Backlinks Automation

Are Haro Backlinks worth it?

HARO is unlike most of the other link-building strategies. It’s a passive way for you to generate backlinks that are high quality and gives you a way to connect to media outlets, publications, and journalists in a more direct manner.

If you do it yourself, all you have to do is spend a couple of hours each day sorting out relevant opportunities and reasonably responding to them. A little bit of patience will come in handy.

If you do it via a freelancer or an agency, the process is even more straightforward and simple. You can check a HARO agency here. (Avail 50% discount using our link.)

So, is it worth it? Absolutely. If you can respond to the queries yourself and have a little bit of patience, you can generate many Haro backlinks each week for no cost at all. Even if you hire somebody to do it for you, the ROI is much better compared to other link-building tactics.

This will take some time, but, in the end, it’s definitely worth it.

If you find this Haro backlinks case study helpful, please give it a share or leave a comment below.

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