Udemy is one of the well-known e-learning platforms worldwide. It offers great courses which are free of cost. However, Udemy has some drawbacks, which restricts the users to access various facilities. Worry not because it is not just Udemy. We have a long list of sites like Udemy. 

If you are not aware of some of the most powerful platforms for e-learning practice, this article will surely be of great use! Lets go through some Udemy alternative platforms that top the list. 

10 Best Sites like Udemy

#1. SkillShare

Similar to Udemy, Skillshare is an acclaimed online platform. Skillshare offers thousands of online courses. 

The differentiating line between the two is their cost structure. 

On Udemy, we have to pay for each course. While on Skillshare, we follow a monthly or annual subscription to unlock complete access to all the courses offered.

Skillshare has instructors and teachers with excellent and vast experience. Skillshare has offline access to classes, if we don’t have access to Wi-Fi or data signals, we can still access our course material and contents while on the go!

Skillshare - sites like udemy

If you are a creative and innovative learner, Skillshare has your back. Studying is not your only goal; you learn and grow. A massive variety of topics, including test prop, health, fitness, photography, office productivity, marketing, and personal development, are just a click away.

Skillshare has another edge over Udemy.

Skillshare faces fewer issues because of the subscription structure.

If you don’t like a particular course or don’t find it worth your time, you can leave and move on. In comparison, you pay separately for courses on Udemy, so choose wisely!

In a nutshell, if you search for high-quality content, a consistent fee structure, and many more features, Skillshare is the right choice!

Try Skillshare

2. Coursera

Coursera is another alternative to Udemy. It partners with top-notch universities and other organizations to deliver a genuinely excellent online education.

We can earn our bachelor’s or master’s degree online from a leading university. Like Udemy, Coursera has an extensive library of courses like Business, computer science, arts and humanities, social sciences, etc.

Coursera - Udemy Alternative

Coursera offers most of the courses free of cost, so you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to be a student. You can try and learn any subject of interest.

Though will have to pay if you need a certificate, else you can gain skills free of cost!

Coursera has three distinct learning options. You can choose between single courses, specializations, and degree programs.

It is the world’s largest online learning platform for higher education with over 190+ world’s top universities and industries partners.  

Recently, additional specializations in finance, biotechnology, and programming have become a part of Coursera. 


Another valuable Coursera feature includes excellent forums. Great and fruitful discussions and clarifications take place in each course’s meetings—a chance for you to express your thoughts and ideas on a platform like this.

So if you are looking to put your hands-on knowledge and wisdom free of cost, Coursera is definitely for you.

Try Coursera

#3. MasterClass

The MasterClass platform provides you courses like Udemy and other online platforms, but with a touch of exclusive and out of the way techniques.

We have the golden chance to improve our photography, fashion, arts, production, and creativity skills or anything of your interest, but not from an instructor. 

MasterClass - websites like Udemy

Who would not love to learn from a person who excels in that field? Imagine listening to the experiences of Neil Gaiman related to the arts of storytelling, or Brandon McMillan teaches you how to train your dog. These are just some surface examples!


MasterClass can pave the way for you to find your ideal and inspiration, who can help you learn and grow. You can gain an immeasurable amount of knowledge because a person teaching you has gone through every phase of what you are planning to go through in your future. 

Better to have a person who can guide you. Right?

MasterClass lags in quantity if compared with the other platforms; however, it excels in quality. 

It is an e-learning experience with no match, and the lessons’ production quality is exceptional. So better not to miss the chance.

Try MasterClass

#4. LinkedIn (Lynda)

All online platforms provide us with a range of courses. They differentiate based on their delivery, method, and goals. LinkedIn Learning is e-learning used to train and polish the skills of employees.

Lynda Udemy Alternative

Lynda offers a wide variety of courses that you can take at any pace.

LinkedIn Learning provides content, including creative courses, technology courses, and management courses. In parallel, LinkedIn is a social platform, so it has robust accessibility features and social features using LinkedIn.

If you are keen on learning programming, Lynda should be your absolute choice!

It is ideal for programming. Most programming environments are available for free, and enthusiasts can tinker with programming on their own. LinkedIn Learning is fantastic is when working on a project where you miss specific skill sets.

What I liked about Lynda:

  • Easy solutions and helps sort out issues quite well. 
  • Account managers are highly responsive and always make concrete suggestions on optimizing platform usage.
  • If you are a LinkedIn user, you can sign in to LinkedIn Learning with your account. 
  • It allows you to share your learning goals and successes across platforms and receive individual recommendations based on your compatible skills and interests.

When we complete a course or learning path on LinkedIn Learning, we get a promotion. 

We can build our profile by adding the certificate for the learning path and new skills to our LinkedIn profile. 

LinkedIn Learning may lack some topics of interest that other platforms offer. However, it is exclusionary at providing you with material that can improve our employability and job performance in the market!

Try Lynda

#5. Udacity

So here’s presenting another site like Udemy – Udacity offers 200+ courses, with a quality curriculum designed with top-tier industry partners, not academics, so you learn the high-impact skills that top companies want.

Udacity - Udemy alternative

We can learn by working on real-world projects and other hands-on exercises that gloss our skills.

The central bound which separates Udacity from other platforms is the Nano-degree!

The Nano-degree programs are credential programs built with and valued by industry leaders like Google, Facebook, GitHub, etc. Free courses are offered too, but the degree of content relevance makes Nano-degree a valuable asset.

The projects are drafted in a way to transmit practical knowledge. If we manage to complete it, we can add it to your GitHub profile. It proves to be an excellent value for the market.

The Nano-degree programs are devised in a way that it provides job-readiness to its graduates as per industry specifications. The syllabus is detail-oriented and focuses primarily on what kind of skills are necessary for the market. 

Nano-degree Programs limelight the overall student experience as they aim to drive students towards:

  • graduation like mentorship, 
  • student collaboration tools such as Knowledge and Study groups, 
  • and personalized project reviews.

It is another reason for choosing Udacity. as the outstanding mentorship facilities are of no match!

A student enrolled in a Nano-degree can interact one-on-one with their course instructor in case of ambiguities. The individual attention empowers the student to conceive the concepts better.

In short, it is a student-driven experience that surfaces the most relevant questions and answers. 

Try Udacity

#6. Codecademy

As the name depicts, it is all about coding and developing. From developing websites to analyzing data, Codecademy offers it all. 

  • Web development
  • Programming and Computer Sciences
  • Data Sciences

These are the top-level options for you to choose from. And, there’s much more in-depth!

If you want to be an expert in HTML, SQLs, CSS, or JavaScript, you are in the right place! Start as a newbie and end up being a master in Python (the most sighted language worldwide).

Codecademy - sites like udemy

Codecademy is useful for getting started from scratch. They provide a walkthrough from the early part of the language learning curve and give you some experience using a new language’s syntax. If you are familiar with the language and syntax, you can get your hands on the style and conventions of a language you are unaware of.

Codecademy contains all of the exclusive features and tools that will help accelerate and develop your learning.

Programming is not just a subject. There’s no substitute for actually building something. 

Codecademy offers realistic projects to teach students how to apply what they have learned. Completing tasks help you solidify your concepts.

Codecademy has several advantages over the traditional way of learning programming,

  1. It is straightforward to use. You don’t have to sign up or provide your credentials anywhere. Just enter and go!
  2. It has engaging lectures. Lectures are broken up into small chunks, often individual lines of code. You can run your code as soon as you write it and get quick feedback.
  3. Codecademy has gamified its platform, which makes it better and above its competitors. It is fun to learn how to program this way.

If you are interested in excelling in computer and programming, Codecademy is one of the perfect sites like Udemy.

Try Codecademy

#7. EdX

Worth mentioning that edX is a joint effort by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) and Harvard University. EdX is similar to Coursera.

In addition to its lessons being similarly structured, EdX offers learners’ certificates for completing courses and groups of related classes. EdX runs on a non-profit basis and works by using open-source software.

edx online

It is another e-learning platform among the list of all. EdX provides students with many study options and an ample range of courses from various subjects. EdX primarily focuses on STEM education. 

They also have several teaching materials available for communication, language, and Law. In addition to these, they have a platform called edX for Business, offering collaborative e-learning solutions to businesses.

All edX students can pick a course and access the learning materials, lectures, and discussion without paying for it. It is an excellent way of being taught topics by the world’s top-notch universities such as Harvard and M.I.T. 

There are no other platforms out there with as wide of a choice of free online courses as edX has. It is the leading reason why it stands out of the crowd!

Who would not wish to have a certificate! of completion from the institution? A certificate from Harvard, M.I.T., is worth the extra spend in case you might want to feature it on your profiles or C.V.s.

It offers interactive and intriguing learning. You should dig into some details if you are interested. Click here edX for more info.

Try edX

#8. Pluralsight

Pluralsight is an online education platform for learning technology courses. It somehow resembles Codecademy and includes videos, quizzes, trails, learning paths, and assessments.

Various courses are made for different skill levels. You can match classes at varying levels of your knowledge – beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Pluralsight - Alternative to Udemy

Pluralsight offers a subscription model and there are no Free Courses. You have an option of a monthly or annual subscription. You can enroll in any of its courses after the payment. Just pay for once to get access to all the courses available on Pluralsight. No individual payment is required.

Pluralsight can be calibrated to the requirements of freelancers, small businesses, and enterprises. It provides companies with an extensive and comprehensive library of high-quality learning and training.

If you have access to Plural sight’s archives, you can get to tap into a wide range of training materials. The courses aim to upgrade your skills and fill in knowledge gaps to keep your company parallel to the industrial benchmarks.

If you are selling expertise or providing consultancy, the platform can be the right revenue channel. You can sell your courses to learners worldwide. Moreover, you can also use the Pluralsight platform to promote your knowledge and attract potential clients that contest your expertise.

Try Pluralsignt

#9. Khan Academy

So everyone’s heard of Khan Academy because it is one of the most accessed e-learning platforms worldwide. 

Khan Academy is a non-profit and provides utterly free knowledge. Khan Academy helps you with your study and challenging subjects. It is not just limited to high school students or bachelor degrees. 


You can prepare for your SATs, LSATs; O/A levels courses, and much more. It provides lectures in the form of short and brief videos, lecture notes, practice exercises, and quizzes. It offers a personalized learning dashboard that empowers learners to study at their own pace outside the classroom.

Khan Academy empowers coaches of all kinds to update them about their children or students and help them make better. The teacher dashboard provides a summary of class performance as a whole as well as detailed student profiles.

The teaching and management faculty is constructive and cooperative. The team together work on a mission to provide free, world-class education for anyone anywhere. 

One of the best ways to learn is through practice. The more we do a certain kind of problem, the more grip we have on it. Khan Academy has randomly generated problems, so we have an unlimited number of questions to practice. Each question has a detailed solution provided for your convenience. 

It costs nothing to watch videos and practice questions or take mock exams because practice makes a man perfect!

Khan Academy aims at providing quality education to every student. If you are looking for a platform with quality and quantity both, Khan Academy is the finest choice to be made.

Try Khan Academy

#10. Iversity

Iversity offers a one-stop solution for academic research, coursework, and practice. In parallel, the effort for individual students and instructors is reduced by lowering the expenses. 

Iversity online courses

Conventional e-learning solutions are fenced by a lack of user interaction with the broader academic community. Students remain insulated within their institutions.

Conversely, an Iversity user can have some advantages,

  • We can share our work and research with their fellows
  • We can collude on projects.
  • The result is a stimulating academic community that creates links and can help promulgate a user’s work both within the university and outside of it.

Iversity has a feedback channel for students to tender to course discussions and projects actively.

It offers a student-centered approach based on active learning and act as a bridge between teachers and students to communicate effectively and openly. 

Iversity has open forums for course-related discussions; in smaller workgroups, participants can prepare upcoming courses or evaluate and discuss past sessions.

It resembles Coursera somehow and offers free courses for you to study. However, you have to have subscriptions if you need a certificate upon completion of a course.

It familiarizes students with the curriculum and syllabus beforehand, increasing the sustainability and retention rate by integrating students into the social community during their studies.

Working as a group and social involvement is the reason why Iversity stands out because it is always great to learn from the experiences of people around you.

Try Iversity

Why Should You Consider Alternatives to Udemy?

There’s no doubt in the recognition of Udemy, but not everything comes in a full packages. 

Udemy offers more than 80,000 courses to students all around the globe. It has renovated its platform making e-learning a pleasant experience through up to date and fully functional online tools.

Despite all these changes. Udemy is not always a great option! Udemy has some plus points as a coding platform, but there are some serious downsides. Many variations on the main theme, and that theme is the lack of a “bigger picture” approach. 

  1. Udemy’s marketplace structure offers no consistency in its instruction style or course quality.
  2. Udemy’s instructor and student interaction exists but is a bit restricted as compared to other platforms.
  3. It offers no certificates, as many of the courses are free of cost. You have no proof of what you have gained.

Some platforms named earlier transcend Udemy with their extensive quality and quantity of contents.

Udemy Alternatives – Which Platform to Choose?

You might find Udemy attractive and intriguing, but that’s not the end of the world! Everything has its pros and cons. So you need to focus on the cons equally!

You can learn and experience from the alternatives to Udemy. Never make a compromise on the quality! In the case of Udemy, anyone can create and publish a course on Udemy, causing the quality to vary greatly. So why go for Udemy when you have other sites like Udemy?

Set your priorities and select what suits you! I’ve mentioned a list of platforms; you might prefer one over the other depending on what you want to learn, Business, arts, programming, or any other topic of your interest.

Consider the key features and aptitude of the alternatives to Udemy. Look into the prices, the courses, the outcomes of the courses.

The alternatives mentioned offers unique and exclusive courses. If you have the money, then spend it somewhere that you won’t regret later! Udemy does offer free courses, but you must once give a try to the e-learning platforms offering paid courses. Enroll yourself into courses that would add up to your resumes and C.V.s. 

Plan while keeping in mind your future goals. Give these platforms like Udemy a try, and if you are a keen learner, you will get a lead!

For instance, why choose Udemy for programming when Codecademy offers exactly what you need. So think research and then choose.

Make comparisons according to your interests and needs and choose what is best for you! Let your choice be worth your time.

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